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Chinesische Medizin Eduard Klarer St. Moritz
Eduard Klarer used to study at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ Zhengzhou£¬ P.R. China and is now offering Chinese herbal and acupuncture treatment for patients in Switzerland. He was reported in the Dahe Daily and other newspapers for his strnuous study and love for Chinese Medicine and China. For Chinese Medicine in St. Moritz£¬ Switzerland£¬ please contact Eduard Klarer at
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Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine was established on Jun 7£¬ 1974 by the Japanese Government as a national university£¬ and Dr. Yawara Yoshitoshi was appointed as President and Dr. Shinji Takahashi as Vice-President for Medical Affairs. Departments of Anatomy I£¬ Physiology I£¬ Biochemistry I£¬Pathology I£¬ Microbiology£¬ Medicine I£¬ Surgery I and Radiology£¬ and Divisions of Humanities & Sciences including Ethics£¬ Psychology£¬ Jurisprudence£¬ Mathematics£¬ Physics£¬ Chemistry£¬ Biology£¬ English and German were founded. Hamamatsu Medical Center Hospital was designated as an Affiliated Teaching Hospital by the Ministry of Education£¬ Science and Culture.
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Daegu Haany University
Since its foundation in 1980£¬ the Daegu Haany University has served as a prominent regional center for education and made a lot of contribution in developing useful human resources needed in the community.
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South Baylo University
South Baylo University (SBU) is a progressive student-centered£¬ single purpose educational institution committed to providing an effective undergraduate program in Holistic Science and innovative graduate programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Its mission is to expand professional£¬ clinical and scientific knowledge among students£¬ faculty£¬ staff£¬ and the general public through effective teaching£¬ scholarly activity and quality patient care. The University is dedicated to training primary health care providers in complementary and alternative medical (CAM) methodologies and techniques and has initiated the most innovative training program to achieve this goal. The University provides an integrative educational approach for primary health care providers by combining both the complementary medical education in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with traditional medical education. Through this innovative educational approach£¬ SBU has become the leader in providing holistic health care education by integrating educational programs in CAM with traditional medical education. Founded in 1977£¬ South Baylo University offers degree programs in three (3) languages (English£¬ Chinese and Korean) at Anaheim and Los Angeles.
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