Henan lies in the heart of China£¬ and is the origin of Chinese civilization. It is also the birthplace of ZHANG Zhong-jing. Ancient physicians of great celebrities have been coming forth in Henan. Apart from Longmen Grottoes one of the world cultural heritages£¬ Henan is also well known worldwide for the Shaolin Temple and White Horse Temple. Taking advantage of the Central Plains£¬ a place of long cultural history£¬ Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has started a program ¡°A Journey of Health to Henan¡±£¬ which enables foreign visitors to Henan to have some idea of historical places and spare some time learning traditional ways of health care. This includes trainings on Chinese tuina£¬ qigong£¬ medicated diet£¬ and self health preservation. Such courses last 2 to 3 days£¬ and are quite flexible in terms of the contents and schedule.

     About the program

     1.Tuina training and demonstration (2-3 days)

     Tuina can stimulate skin£¬ muscles£¬ joints£¬ nerves£¬ vessels£¬ and glands£¬ and thus promote blood circulation and metabolism in local areas. This eventually improves body¡¯s resistance to diseases£¬ alleviates pains and spasms. It is therefore most widely used in the treatment of traumas and pains.

     2.Qigong and demonstration

     Qigong is a Chinese treasure£¬ and has a long history. It aims to regulate mind£¬ respiration£¬ and body£¬ and hence develop human potentials. It has the functions of regulating qi£¬ and blood so that qi flows smoothly in meridians£¬ and organs stay in harmony. Thus it strengthens human body£¬ prevent diseases£¬ and leads to longevity. Experiences and clinical practices of countless physicians have gradually helped made qigong systematic and scientific in the recent years. It is spread and applied both in people¡¯s daily lives and practices£¬ and has appealed to many foreigners. It will surely become popular all over the world in the near future.

     3.Lectures on medicated diet

     Chinese diet has a long history£¬ and a good variety. It has combined gradually with health preservation£¬ and medical care in the course of development£¬ showing its distinctions. It is held in Chinese Medicine that ¡°medicine could never compete with diet in health preservation£¬ that medicines of whatever kind certainly have some side effects. That¡¯s why many diet therapies have been preserved in folk prescriptions. And people apply medicinal diet in their daily life for the purpose of health preservation£¬ rehabilitation£¬ disease prevention£¬ and treatment.

     4.Lectures on health preservation (2-3days)

     TCM physicians have found£¬ after many years of clinical experience along with thousands of years of development of Chinese culture£¬ that a number of points have the effect of strengthening body£¬ preserving health£¬ and lengthening life span. They have also collected a variety of life-preserving methods. Take for example£¬ 7 life-preserving commandments for the old£¬ 20 secrets for the middle aged£¬ 10 methods for lowering blood pressure£¬ nutrients standards for senile diet£¬ self-massage£¬ so on and so forth.

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