Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program Application Procedure

To apply for Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program  You could  

1. consult and apply to the Chinese Embassy in your home country for a Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship;  

2. contact us and send us a copy of the Award Letter if awarded as well as a completed Application Form Henan University of TCM (which could be downloaded via ;  

3. upon receipt of the documents listed in No. 2£¬ we will review your documents and send you a "pre-inscription notice" (indicating the university is willing to accept you£¬ but it is not a formal Admission Notice) if all the application requirements are met;  

4. log onto the CSC website  to fill in application online£¬ make sure you write HENAN UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICNE as your target university;  

5. submit required paper documents to the Chinese Embassy in your home country£¬ together with the "pre-inscription notice" if any;  

6. waiting for review£¬ approval or further notice.  

If it is fine with you£¬ please include your phone number in case we need to contact you when urgent.  

Good luck to all candidates and look forward to meeting you!  

Admissions Office

School of International Education

Henan University of TCM

Tel: +86 371 65962930  


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