Henan Uuniversity of TCM Enrollment Information 2013

Degree Programs for International Students

Bachelor: 36 Bachelor¡¯s programs including Chinese Medicine£¬ Chinese orthopedics£¬ integrated Chinese-Western clinical medicine£¬ acupuncture and tuina (Chinese massage)£¬ nursing£¬ preventive medicine£¬ pharmacology£¬ herbology£¬ pharmaceutical preparation£¬ pharmaceutical engineering£¬ etc.  

Master: 55 primary and secondary disciplines including basic theory of Chinese Medicine£¬ Chinese diagnostics£¬ science of prescriptions£¬ Chinese internal medicine£¬ acupuncture and tuina£¬ pharmaceutical analysis£¬ etc.  

Fees for Degree Programs (RMB)

Category   Tuition (RMB/ Year) Application deadline/ Start Time  
Bachelor¡¯s Programs   26000 Application by July 1 School starts in September.  
Master¡¯s Programs   32000
Doctoral Programs   35000
Application Fee 800
Insurance 600/year

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Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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