Provisions about International Students Insurance

I. To keep abreast with the rapid development of international education in China£¬ and improve the emergency response mechanism of colleges and universities£¬ and safeguard the legal rights of international students as well£¬ the following provisions are made.

II. Starting from the academic year of 2008/2009£¬ international students who apply for a 6-months and over study in China (including those who continue their studies for 6 months and over) should buy collective insurance in mainland China. This is a must for registration.

III. Colleges and universities should choose an insurance company certified by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission for handling collective insurance including the following items:

    1. Death or disability: no less than 100£¬000RMB

    2. Accident: no less than 10£¬000RMB

    3. Hospitalization: no less than 400£¬000RMB

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