Henan University of TCM Attending the Schloarship Selection Test for Interantional Students to China

  Delegation of Henan University of TCM was invited to participate in the First Schloarship Selection Test for Interantional Students to China held in Thailand between March 25 and 29£¬ 2015. This event was aimed to recruit excellent international students and pursue more cooperation opportunities between Chinese and Thai universities.

  This is the first time that our university sends delegation to attend such activities. Besides promotion of the university to Thai students£¬ the university delegation also held discussions with the head of Interantional Affairs Division as well as head of the Chinese Medicine Department£¬ Mae Fah Luang University to explore cooperative opportunities (ZHAO JUNQING).

University promotion

University promotion

Students attending the test

The delegation presenting Chinese painting to Mae Fah Luang University

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