International Students Graduation Ceremony 2014

  International Students Graduation Ceremony was held on 26th of June at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Present at the ceremony were Professor Guo Dexin vice president of the unviersity£¬ Doctor Ben Wu president of Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬principal of International Energy Acupuncture College£¬ members of the Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd£¬ as well as directors from relevant departments£¬ teachers and all graduates.The ceremony was hosted by Professor LU Mei director of the School of International Education.

  There are 57 international graduates including 6 Master¡®s and 51 Bachelor¡®s from Korea£¬ Canada£¬ Australia£¬ United States£¬ Uzbekistan£¬ Hungary£¬ Malaysia. Some student¡®s families also joined this exciting event and witnessed the moment when their daughters or sons were awarded the degree and the title of "Excellent Graduate". (written and photo by: ZHAO JUNQING)


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