International Students Graduation Ceremony Held in Henan University of TCM

At 9:00am on the 28th of June£¬ 2013£¬ the International Students¡® Graduation Ceremony was held in Henan University of TCM.Eight international students were awarded the title of "Excellent Graduate".

Professor Zheng Yuling£¬ Chairman of the Academic Degree Committee and president of the university confered Master¡®s and Bachelor¡®s degrees to 46 stduents from Korea£¬ Canada£¬ the United States£¬ Austria£¬ and Hungary. President Zheng Yuling congratulated the students on their graduation and shared her expectations with them. President Zheng hoped that they would follow the examples of renowned doctors in history and modern time£¬ having a good command of medical knowledge and skills£¬ and be well self-cultivated; that they would be hardworking and brave to apply what they have learnt creatively in practice and outdo their instructors; that they would contribute to the international education and exchanges of Chinese Medicine worldwide.

Also present at the graduation ceremony were Professor Guo Dexin vice president of Henan University of TCM£¬ Professor Ben Wu president of Ontario College of TMC£¬ Doctor Gao Feng principal of International Energy Acupuncture College.

Guest speakers from Canada£¬ Australia and America expressed their deepest gratitude to the university for providing international students£¬Chinese Medicine practitioners and acupuncturists the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge and skills from the top professors and doctors of the university.

International students taking part in the "China Exploration" campaign were also awarded by the school leaders at the ceremony.(Written by ZHAO Junqing; photography by QIN Dongren)

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