Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Winner of the China Exploration Regional Competitio

    The China Exploration Regional Competition (Anhui) was held between April 24 and 27, 2013 in Huang ShanAnhui province. This was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, FUSC, and CCTV-5, with 12 teams from HenanAnhui, and Hunan provinces. It is the second phase of the national competition.

    Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won the championship and was awarded by the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education.

    Andrey Ermishin from Uzbekistan greatly impressed the players from other teams, as well as the judes and audiennce at the event with his excellent performance of Chen Style Taiji. He was interviewed by a number of media including People‘s Daily and China Sports.

    Basketball (3V3) players were greeted by jubilation for their highest goal of 21 within 10 minutes.  The University band and singers made up of Korean students were cheered by the audience for their impressive voice and performances.

    This event was covered by a number of media including CCTV-5 and the university team will take part in the forthcoming national competition soon.(Written by Zhao Junqing; photos by Qin Dongren)




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