International Students Awarded at Sports and Cultural Competition in Henan

    The International Students Sports and Cultural Competition was kicked off in November£¬ 2012£¬ which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and China University Students Sports Association.

    Tryout of Henan Province for the national competition was held in Zhengzhou University with 6 teams from Henan province between March 23 and 24£¬ 2013. The team of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won the second place in the team event£¬ and the first place in Chinese Kungfu£¬ second place in both aerobis and orienteering£¬ and the third place in basketball match.

    International and Chinese students of Henan University of TCM impressed the audience a lot with their teamwork and performances. They will take part in the coming JiuZhou Competition late this April.

International students of Henan University of TCM competing in the event

The university team was awarded the tournament

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