School of International Education Awarded

    On the 8th of January£¬ 2011£¬ the School of International Eduation of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was awarded at the annual meeting of the Administration of Exit and Entry of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau with participants from all foreign-related entities.

    In the past year 2010£¬ our school strictly abided by relevant rules and regulations and standardized procedures concerning entry and residence of international students. We also coordinated with the Administration of Exit and Entry of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau£¬ Dept. of Foreign Affairs of the Henan Provincial Education Commission and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Henan Provincial Government in security control issues especially during the periods when the Expo 2010 Shanghai£¬ the 16th Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou£¬ and the Asian Para Games apart from routine management of the international students. 

    Besides£¬ the School of International  Education had also made much efforts in upgrading service leverl and management regarding teaching arrangement£¬ student attendance control£¬ security control£¬ and admissions. International Studnets Management System has been set up to facilitate management and control of all student-related affairs£¬ including admission£¬ studies£¬ examination£¬ graduation£¬ medical insurance£¬ etc.

    At the meeting£¬ the Korean students¡® performance won unanimous applause from the participants and the audience.(by Zhao Junqing; photos by: Deng Hao)


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