Tung¡®s Acupuncture Promoted at Henan University of TCM

    On the 18th of September£¬ 2009£¬ the Global Acupuncture Tour--Tung¡®s Acupuncture Promotion was kicked off at Henan University of Tradtional Chinese Medicine£¬ which was co-sponsored by the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies and MingYi99com. Present at the ceremony were Mr. Shen Zhixiang Secretary General of WFAS and former director general of the International Cooperation Division of the State Administration of Chinese Medicine£¬ Ms. Chen Hao deputy secretary-general£¬ Mr. Tang Yuansheng director of the Academic Dept£¬ Prof. Zheng Yuling president of the university£¬ Prof. Guo Dexin vice president of the university£¬ Lu Mei director of the School of Interantional Education£¬ Zhangli deputy director of the School of International Education as well as staff of the School of Interantional Education and over 100 trainees.

    President Zheng Yuling addressed the ceremony and extended heart-felt thanks to Doctor Quanmin Wang and warm welcome to representatives. President Zheng briefed on the university and spoke highly of the cooperation between the unviersity and the WFAS.

    After the opening ceremony£¬ presidents of the university held friendly discussions with Secretary General and his delegation on how to further educational cooperation. Both parties reached a general consensus and a collaborative agreement was signed. The Secretary General also awarded Prof. Zheng Yuling£¬ Prof. Lu Mei and Prof. Zhou Youlong Letter of Appointment on behalf of the WFAS.

    This promotion is the first international training co-sponsored by WFAS and our university since April 2008 when the unviersity was made the educational base and acupuncture examination site for WFAS. 

    Tung¡®s Acupuncture has spread throughout the world as an influential school of acupuncture wellknowned for its marked clinical effect. Doctor Quanmin gave 3-day lectures plus demonstration to the 100 and more trainees from Australia£¬ Argentina£¬ Korea and other regions£¬ which won general compliments from the trainees.(Zhao Junqing)

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