International Students Graduation Ceremony 2009 Held at Henan University of TCM

On June 23 International Students Graduation Ceremony was held at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. President ZHENG Yuling chairwoman of the Accademic Degree Committee of the university£¬ vice president ZHANG Lixia£¬ LI Jiansheng and XU Erping were present at the ceremony. 22 international students from Korea£¬ Japan and other regions were awarded diploma and degree. The ceremony was chaired by vice president XU Erping.

A number of international graduates were awarded the title of "model student" at the ceremony. President ZHENG Yuling extended congratulations to the graduates on behalf of all the university leaders and staff. She hoped the graduates would make further progress and keep contact with the unvierstiy. Student representative also expressed their great appreciation and thanks for education received at the university.

Also present at the ceremony were teachers£¬ staff from department of postgraduate divison£¬ students affairs office£¬ Dean¡®s office and School of International Education of the university (Written by: ZHAO Junqing; photo by: WANG Baoshan)

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