Professor LI Zhenhua Awarded "Great Master of Chinese Medicine"

On June 19£¬ the first meeting for the award of "Great Master of Chinese Medicine" was held in Beijing jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security£¬ Ministry of Health and State Administration of Chinese Medicine of People¡®s Republic of China. 30 elderly experts in the field of Chinese Medicine were awarded the title of "Great Master of Chinese Medicine". This is the first such endeavour organized by the Chinese government.  Professor LI Zhenhua a renowned expert of Chinese internal medicine from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine won this title in Beijing. Mr. Han Qide vice chairman of the Standing Committee of National People¡®s Congress was present at the meeting.

At the meeting£¬ senior officials from the state government had an interview with the 30 Great Masters. Mr. XIA Zuchang director general of Henan Administration of TCM and Professor ZHENG Yuling president of Henan University of TCM were also present at the meeting. (ZHAO Junqing)

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