Andrey Ermishin Winning at the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships

    Andrey Ermishin from the Republic of Uzbekistan now an international student at the School of International Education of Henan University of TCM won the second prize of Male Group C Chen Style Taijiquan£¬ and the third prize of Male Group C Chen Style Taijijian.      

    The 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships was held in Mt. Wudang on Oct29£¬ 2008£¬ where over 2000 athletes from 69 countries and regions took part in competitions at all levels. Andrey Ermishin shone at the championships and won two prizes£¬ which is a great honor both to Andrey himself and the school.

    Andrey has a preference for Chinese culture. Before his admission to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an acupuncture-moxibustion major in the fall of 2007£¬ Andrey had studied the Chen¡¯s style taiji and Chinese language in Jiaozuo£¬ China for two years. He also won two prizes at the China Chenjiagou Taiji Invitational Tournament 2008 held between Oct2 and 5£¬ 2008 at Wenxian county£¬ China. (by ZHAO Jun-qing)




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