Collaborative Agreement Signed between Henan University of TCM and NZCCM

    Mr. Stephen Xu CEO of the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine and Mr. Pieter Watson the National Manager of NZCCM attended the 50th anniversary of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ and visited the new campus and the first affiliated hospital of the university. The New Zealand delegation was impressed greatly by the facilities as well as modern and traditional therapies the hospital provides for the patients.    

    The New Zealand delegation also had discussions with the university on educational and medical collaborations and finalized an aggrement with the university on such collaborations on the 18th of November£¬ 2008. Present at the signing ceremony were Prof. Zheng Yu-ling President of the university£¬ Prof. Guo De-xin Vice President of the university£¬ Prof. Lu Mei head of the school of international education and Mr. Sun Ke-xing director of the foreign affairs office.      

    The delegation also held a presentation about study in NZCCM and immigration to New Zealand. Both international and Chinese students attended the presentation (written and photo by ZHAO Jun-qing)

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