Mayor of Marion Visiting the Henan University of TCM
    On the 29th of September£¬ Mr. Wayne W. Seybold the mayor of Marion£¬ Indiana and the delegation including Mr. Steven P. Wright a city councilor visited Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Zheng Yuling the president of the university£¬ Professor Guo Dexin the vice president and the director of foreign affairs received the delegation and led them around the specimen rooms£¬ library£¬ the new campus of the university and the first teaching hospital.Both parites had a friendly discussion.
    President Zheng Yuling extended warm welcome to the delegation and briefed on the teaching£¬ medical care and research of the university. She also expressed hope for bilateral exchanges£¬ coorporation and mutual development.The mayor and Mr. Wright spoke highly of the university and hoped to further mutual collaboration.
    The mayor and the delegation also talked to students during their visit to the new campus. At the Rehabilitation Center of the First Teaching Hospital they tried moxibustion and tuina (Chinese massage) therapy with great impression.

Mayor of Marion visiting the University
President Zheng Yuling and the delegation at the university¡®s habarium room

At the library

President Zheng Yuling presenting the Mayor with the university flag
Talking with students
At the first teaching hospital
Experiencing moxibustion therapy
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