School of International Education Receiving Newcomers

Henan University of TCM School of International Education held the opening ceremony on March 20 for the newcomers from Korea. Professor LU Mei director of the school£¬ Professor ZHANG Li deputy director and all the teachers attended this ceremony. Also present were students from other grades.

Professor LU delivered an opening speech to extend warm welcome to the freshmen and brief the history£¬ status quo and outlook of the university. She hoped the newcomers would make full use of their time at school and at the birthplace of the great celebrity of TCM ZHANG Zhong-Jing£¬ and contribute to the dissemination and development of TCM round the world. 

After the ceremony£¬ Professor LU led the students around both the old and new campusses and the liquid-preserved specimen rooms of the school. Up to the day£¬ there are over 200 international students registered at the school.

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