International Symposium on AIDS Prevention and Control Held in Henan

For the purposes of promoting international communication and collaboration on AIDS prevention and control£¬and demonstrating the latest development and research achievements worldwide£¬ the International Syposium on AIDS Prevention and Control was held in Zhengzhou£¬ Henan£¬ China between 24th and 25th of November£¬ 2007.

This symposium was organized by the China Association of Chinese Medicine and co-sponsored by the China Association of Chinese Medicine AIDS Branch and Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Senior officials and specialists from the State Administration of Chinese Medicine£¬ the China Association of Chinese Medicine  and Chinese Academy of Sciences and provincial authorities were present at the opening ceremony£¬ which was chaired by the president of Henan University of TCM. The symposium was also joined by 150 experts home and from America£¬ Japan£¬ and Zambia.

   £¨written by Zhao Junqing; photography by: Wang Baoshan£©
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