30th Anniversary of Henan Chinese Medicine and "Student Top Academic Paper Award"

    Today the 30th anniversary of Henan Chinese Medicine and "Student Top Academic Paper" Awarding Ceremony were held at the university.

    Henan Chinese Medicine was founded in 1976 out of the former school journal£¬ and won the title of ¡°top Chinese magazines¡± in 2004. The editorial committee of the magazine established a foundation using the grant they won to award students every two years.

    Among the students winning this award today is Mr. LI Yao who is now in his last year of doctoral study and won the first award. LI Yao comes from Taiwan and is the eldest student in our university aging 77 years. In his speech at the ceremony he strongly called for the reunion of Chinese from both sides of the Taiwan Straits (ZHAO Junqing).

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