On July27£¬ 2006 a  ceremony was held in our university at which  PENG Bo president of our university£¬ and SHI Yongxin director of Buddhist Association of China and Abbot of Shaolin Temple signed on the cooperative agreement between Shaolin Temple and our university after both delivered a speech. Also present at the ceremony were HAN Xinfeng deputy director of Henan Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine£¬ QIAN Daliang general manager of Shaolin Temple Co. Ltd.£¬ LI Jiansheng and TIAN Zhongling vice presidents of our university. The ceremony was hosted by LU Mei dean of School of International Education of the university.

In order to expand the global influence of Chinese Medicine both parties agreed to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with martial arts and enroll foreign deciples of Shaolin Temple for five-year study of Traditional Medicine£¬ Shaolin Medicine£¬ and Shaolin kongfu. Those who successfully complete study will be awarded Diploma by Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Certificate by Shaolin Temple.They also agreed to carry out cooperation in different fields.

   Both parties exchanged presents£¬ and gave performances at the ceremony.  
   Also present were tens of news media across China. (Written by ZHAO Junqing)
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