Henan University of TCM Attending the Schloarship Selection Test for Interantional Students to China [2015-04-02]
Henan University of TCM Awarded on Yearly Conference [2014-09-12]
International Students Graduation Ceremony 2014 [2014-06-27]
Chinese Government Scholarship Admissions Starting Soon [2013-12-23]
Swiss Students Completing Short-term Clinical Study [2013-10-22]
Henan University of TCM approved to enroll Chinese Government Scholarship applicants [2013-10-21]
International Students Graduation Ceremony Held in Henan University of TCM [2013-07-01]
Henan University of TCM Winning Excellence Award at China Exploration Final [2013-06-07]
Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Winner of the China Exploration Regional Competitio [2013-05-02]
International Students Awarded at Sports and Cultural Competition in Henan [2013-03-27]
International Students Awarded Scholarship [2012-12-13]
Professors from Henan University of TCM Lecturing in Australia [2011-04-20]
International Students Awarded [2011-03-18]
First Meeting of the New Semester [2011-03-02]
School of International Education Awarded [2011-01-10]
Korean Students Offering Voluntary Acupuncture and Tuina Services [2010-10-20]
International Students Celebrating Mid-Autum Fesitival with Local Police [2010-09-30]
Italian Doctors Completing Clinical Practice at Henan University [2010-09-30]
International Students and Teachers Celebrating Mid-Autum Festival [2009-10-10]
Henan University of TCM Among the List of Model Schools Awarded [2009-09-23]
Tung¡®s Acupuncture Promoted at Henan University of TCM [2009-09-23]
International Students Graduation Ceremony 2009 Held at Henan University of TCM [2009-06-25]
Professor LI Zhenhua Awarded "Great Master of Chinese Medicine" [2009-06-23]
President of Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Visiting Henan University of TCM [2009-06-19]
Andrey Ermishin Winning at the 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championships [2008-11-28]
Collaborative Agreement Signed between Henan University of TCM and NZCCM [2008-11-20]
Professor Honghui Wan Lecturing at the Henan University of TCM [2008-10-16]
Mayor of Marion Visiting the Henan University of TCM [2008-10-07]
Professor IOMMELLI OTTAVIO Appointed Visiting Professor at Henan University of TCM [2008-09-11]
International Acupuncture Level Examination Department Henan Branch and Education Base Kicked off [2008-04-15]
School of International Education Receiving Newcomers [2008-03-21]
International Students Celebrating Christmas [2007-12-25]
International Symposium on AIDS Prevention and Control Held in Henan [2007-12-14]
Professor Si Fu Chun Wining Award from the National People¡®s Political Consultative Conference [2007-12-03]
Herbal Specimen on Show [2007-11-23]
School Delegation Attending Non-conventional Medicine Conference in Italy [2007-11-19]
SAKE¡®s First Group of Students for Internship [2007-10-23]
Mid-Autum Day Celebration [2007-09-29]
Improving Educational Management and Quality [2007-04-26]
International Students Won Awards at the Sports Meeting [2007-04-26]
Professor FENG Xuerui Meeting Staff of School of International Education [2006-12-06]
30th Anniversary of Henan Chinese Medicine and "Student Top Academic Paper Award" [2006-11-15]
Logan College of Chiropractic Representative Visiting the University [2006-10-08]
Italian Visitors [2006-08-28]
The 22cd Korean Students Fair [2006-04-18]
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